Give your daughter the support she needs to grow into a happy, healthy, and confident woman!

Are you worried about…smgirlsflip

  • Bullying at school, extracurricular groups, and in cyberspace
  • In-fighting, gossip, and cliques that can destroy a young girl’s self-esteem & sense of self-worth
  • How our culture undervalues women leading to body shaming, self-loathing, and lack of respect for women and women’s bodies
  • Negative attitudes towards menstruation and puberty that leave many girls feeling grossed out and angry at their own bodies
  • How our culture (mis)treats women
  • Losing your daughter to the influences of peers and popular culture
  • Being the only voice of good, positive support


The biggest dangers that our daughters face today is growing up in a culture that undervalues them, teaches them to hate their bodies, and feel ashamed to express who they are – their wants, needs, and authentic voices.  They are bombarded with these negative messages from all directions – television, commercials, magazines, movies, celebrities, religious leaders, politicians, teachers, books, music, social media, and most importantly, their peer group.

Why worry about peer group?

Regardless of if you’re already instilling positive values in your daughter, she will still rebel and look for influences outside of her parents.  It’s a normal part of growing up and becoming independent.bullying

An important question to ask yourself is, “Who will be influencing my daughter when she goes through her normal adolescent rebellion?”

Most of the time it will be peers that you didn’t choose for her and you don’t have any influence over.  Peers that have been influenced by popular culture, extreme religious views, and patriarchal beliefs.  Many of these peers will participate in bullying, cyber bullying, gossip, body shaming, and will experience low self-esteem themselves.  These peers will become the biggest influences on your daughter’s behavior, beliefs, and self-image.  It’s pretty scary to imagine when you’re trying to raise a happy, healthy, confident woman!

Giving her the Gift of a Supportive Sisterhood of Peers

girlsAt the Pink Tent your daughter will be initiated into a supportive sisterhood with peer age girls who share the same values and will grow to be a positive, healthy influence on her for years to come.  She’ll be encouraged to find her own individuality and independence within the group.  The sisterhood is all about nurturing and supporting her, helping her build healthy self-esteem, a strong sense of self-worth, and respect for her body.

Along the way your daughter will connect to her lineage of wise women.  She will begin to see herself as a wise woman too, carrying the knowledge of her fore-mothers onward. She will discover the power of true sisterhood – women who raise each other up, not tear each other down.

Body Positivity

Raising a healthy, happy, empowered girl in today’s world is hard!  Many girls will struggle with low self-esteem especially as their bodies change through puberty.  Negative attitudes towards menstruation and puberty leave many girls feeling grossed out and angry at their own bodies.

In the Pink Tent your daughter will learn to love and appreciate the changes she is going through.  Puberty and menstruation are celebrated as important steps towards womanhood.  She will learn to be proud of what it means to be a strong, empowered woman that loves her body!

Gathering the Wisdom

Gathering the Wisdom is so much more than a history lesson.  While your daughter will learn to draw power and pride from discovering the ancient rituals and wisdom of women before, she will also learn practical information like:

  • Stress Management
  • Healthy, Natural Body Care
  • Respect for Herself & Othershappy girls
  • Critical Thinking
  • Listening Whole-Heartedly
  • Trusting Her Sisterhood
  • How to be a Good Friend
  • Emotional Independence
  • Self-Discipline
  • Trusting Her Own Inner Guidance
  • Responsibility for Own Actions, Thoughts, & Beliefs
  • Being a Good Citizen
  • Body Pride
  • Sense of Self-Worth

Joining Gathering the Wisdom

The next session of Gathering the Wisdom begins January 16, 2016 and will usually be the third Saturday of each month.  The group meets once a month (for 6 months) for 3 hours with a mother-daughter potluck to follow.  This gives the girls the opportunity to share the excitement of the Pink Tent sisterhood with you, too!  Plus you’ll become a part of the “Raising Wise Women” Support Circle with the other mothers.  Each session is limited to just 12 girls, aged 8-12.

Each gathering is located in a private residence in South Austin off of 290 West.  Additionally optional once monthly 1 hour mini gatherings with be at various locations in South Austin (Juiceland, local parks, etc).  These special mini gatherings will be announced each month.  Mothers are invited to join us at these mini gatherings.

What to expect:

Each gathering includes rituals to honor the girls’ unique voices, teach them how to center themselves, and support each other in sisterhood.  All gatherings include exploration of the monthly theme, journaling, sharing, meditation, singing & dancing, a theme exploration activity, discussion of home practice, nature rituals, and mother-daughter potluck where the girls can share with their mothers what they have learned.

There will also be optional 1 hour mini gatherings once a month to give the girls another opportunity to connect with each other.  These gatherings will typically be at parks or shops in the South Austin area.  Mothers are invited to join us at these gatherings and get to know the group better.

Gathering the Wisdom Includes:

  • Over 24 hours of Sisterhood Bonding
  • 6 3 hour Gatherings
  • 6 Mother-Daughter Potlucks
  • 6 Mini Gatherings
  • Special Moon Journal for recording insights & progress
  • Craft Materials for 6 projects
  • Surprise Bonus Goodies
  • Mother’s Course Guide & Email Support for Questions
  • Monthly Support Ideas for Home Practice
  • “Raising Wise Women” Support Circle
  • Advanced Registration & Discounts on Future Programs, Camps, & Workshops

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Full Pay – $395

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Payment Plan ($100 Deposit, Balance of $295 Due by 1/10/16)*

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*Because this program is limited to only 12 participants payments are non-refundable.


Complete Course 1 of Gathering the Wisdom Overview:

 Gathering 1:  Celebrating Women’s Wisdom

The theme of the first gathering, “Celebrating Women’s Wisdom” is all about initiating participants into the lineage of wise women!

We’ll explore:

  • The differences between matriarchal and patriarchal societies
  • Goddesses throughout history – why goddesses are important, how goddess worship empowered women, and why it is important to reclaim the power of our ancient goddesses
  • The concept of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone – honoring ourselves and other women on the path of sisterhood
  • What are wise women?  What were their roles in history?  How can we become a part of the wise women lineage?
  • Journaling and how to use this powerful tool to honor our own voices and find our own inner wise woman


Gathering 2:  Mother Nature & the Wisdom of Our Bodies

In our second gathering together we will discover how amazing and wise our bodies truly are!

We’ll explore:

  • Patterns and cycles in nature and how they affect our bodies
  • How our wise and wonderful bodies work and bring forth life
  • Celebrating our bodies amazing abilities without shame or embarrassment
  • Red Tents and supporting each other emotionally during our natural cycles
  • Natural self-care products that will keep our bodies healthier and happier


 Gathering 3:  Honoring Our Bodies

Our third gathering is all about honoring our bodies through conscious, healthy self-care choices!

We’ll explore:

  • Cultivating whole body self-love
  • Creating self-esteem boosting self-care practices
  • How to care for our bodies through sleep, nutrition, exercise, and choosing natural care products
  • How to avoid toxic products and harmful practices that put women’s bodies at risk
  • Meditation and the positive effects of a regular practice


Gathering 4:  Honoring Our Emotional Bodies

In the fourth gathering we will empower each other to listen to inner wisdom, find our unique voices, and share our authentic truths!

We’ll explore:

  • Selfish vs. Self-Care – What does it mean to take care of our own needs?
  • What is right for each of us – our authentic truths and hearts desires?  How can we tap into our own inner wisdom?
  • Building self-esteem and self-worth independent of others
  • Establishing personal disciplines to help ground ourselves and connect us to source energy


Gathering 5:  Creating, Embracing, & Sustaining Sisterhood

At our fifth gathering we will strengthen the bonds of sisterhood in our group and extend them to all women – supporting and empowering each other!

We’ll explore:

  • How bullying and gossip destroys sisterhood and how we can foster more love and understanding between women
  • Caring for others, being inclusive, and recognizing everyone’s unique gifts
  • Respecting ourselves, our peers, and our parents
  • Ways to raise each other up


 Gathering 6:  The Unique Beauty of Your Own Spirit

During our final gathering together we will celebrate each participant’s unique voice, talents, gifts, and beautiful spirit!

We’ll explore:

  • Multicultural traditions welcoming girls into womanhood
  • Reflection of menarche celebrations and how we would like to celebrate our menarche
  • Our own unique gifts, talents, strengths, and how others see us
  • Learning how to recognize and affirm our gifts, talents, and strengths for ourselves and each other


FAQ and a word from Leah…

Space is Limited, Reserve Your Spot Now!

Choose a payment option below:

Full Pay – $395*

registration for GTW

Payment Plan ($100 Deposit, Balance of $295 Due by 1/10/16)*

registration for GTW

*Because this program is limited to only 12 participants payments are non-refundable.



After Purchase:04

After purchase you will be contacted with additional information including the address for the gatherings, a schedule of gatherings, and pre-gathering information to share with your daughter.

I look forward to mentoring your daughter and giving her a loving, nurturing space to blossom into a happier, healthier young woman!

Peace & Love! Leah

Questions?  For questions about “Gathering the Wisdom” or for further details please contact Leah by email at Leah @